Here we answer questions that we have seen our community ask the most. Please take your time to go through the list, and if you find that some answers are lacking, feel free to chat with us directly via our social media accounts.


What does MDT mean?

1.1 Modern Development Token


What is this MDT project about?

2.1 To introduce a low carbon footprint and recyclable home system to contribute in mitigating climate change.

2.2 To make sure that these home systems are available to families that are not served by the centralized funding mechanism like banks and home mortgage firms.


Can you elaborate “families that are not served by the banks or mortgage firms”?

3.1 Gig economy individuals like delivery riders, online sellers, ride sharing drivers, on-call handy man services, gym instructors, temp office workers and others. They don’t have regular pay slip, employment letters, income tax returns, credit score and other documents required by the bank.

3.2 They cannot OPEN a bank account or cannot avail of a BANK loan.

3.3 Watch the video https://fb.watch/6MHDVdySp2/


I am a delivery rider, how can I avail of the MDT i2g=mfc home system?

4.1 Select the home design that fits to your requirement from our platform

4.2 Select the lot location where you want your home to be built if you don’t own one yet

4.3 Submit your home design code and your lot code as in the website

4.4 You will receive an e-mail from MDT of a quotation for your selection
4.4.1 MDT will give you TCP “total contract price” in USD / MUSD / MDT tokens
4.4.2 MDT will tell you how much loan amount in MDT tokens we can grant you, usually 70% of the total contract price.
4.4.3 MDT will tell you how much is your equity in MDT tokens you need to pay. Usually 70% of the total contract price.
4.4.4 MDT will tell you the terms and conditions.


I can see from item 4.4.1 to item 4.4.3 that the mode of payment currency is in MDT tokens?

5.1 Yes, all mode of payment for Equity and monthly amortization are in MDT tokens


How will the Crypto Currency volatility affect my house total contract price?

6.1 Your total contract price is generally stable.

6.2 Your total contract price is converted to USD / MUSD a stable coin. Therefore your TCP is protected from crypto currency volatility.


USD / MUSD is derived from MDT token which is affected by crypto volatility

7.1 MDT volatility can be your friend because this is where you are able to buy cheaper MDT tokens and convert it to USD / MUSD when its value appreciates. Buy LOW and sell HIGH.


Where will MDT get the funding it lends to its community to build the i2g=mfc homes?

8.1 Like any public listed company MDT gets its funding from the market. The market are made up of the sellers / buyers of MDT token in the x-change which is the marketplace.

8.2 MDT is a seller / buyer of tokens.


How does MDT value appreciate?

9.1 MDT projects are tangible because it is about saving mother earth by helping the basic unit of society “family” afford a decent home. This tangibility is at the masses level because MDT is inclusive serving the unbanked.

9.2 MDT tokens have regular demand because it is used to pay for homes equity and amortization.

9.3 MDT token supply is fixed upon its minting.

9.4 Therefore project result tangibility, increasing demand and fixed supply is a perfect recipe for a currency valuation.


Will MDT not just be another rug pull like the other shit tokens?

10.1 Refer to item 9 for reasons why MDT token is not just another shit token.

10.2 Even before crypto currency was invented FIAT currency based business failures and scams have been around in this world. Therefore a failure of any investment has nothing to do with the currency medium, FIAT or Crypto.


I don’t like MDT home system designs, can I still avail of MDT funding if I submit my own design?

11.1 No


If MDT does not behave like a bank in lending money, how will it protect itself from loan defaults?

12.1 MDT employs mitigation mechanism and have a more straight forward view of mitigating risks.

12.2 It always does not mean that if you cannot open a bank account means you don’t have the capacity to pay. A gig economy worker actually has the ability to earn at least double the revenue of an employee in the same industry.


What makes MDT i2g=mfc home system low carbon footprint?

13.1 Design details are in our white paper. Please refer to the white paper.


The MDT team profile does not look like it has the Phd’s and the MBA’s of ivy leagues that can steer it into a successful project.

14.1 Pioneers of new frontiers are usually made of individuals with the courage, resilience and tenacity through uncharted waters.

14.2 On our roadmap by the 4th Quarter of 2022 you will start to see the Phd’s and MBA’s take over the wheel when the MDT ship is already in charted waters, which is actually what is taught in school.


Crypto space has been crowded with failures. There are 70% failure ICO and only 30% success, what makes MDT any different?

15.1 MDT started as a vision and then from that a mission was developed, goals and roadmaps are plotted and plans are made to put into action.

15.2 We will perform the journey to uncharted waters, steer and veer and most importantly savor the moment of the journey.


I bought MDT tokens during the private sale or ICO, when can I monetize it?

16.1 Monetize meaning convert to FIAT currency.

16.2 It can only be converted to FIAT currency in the x-change where MDT token will be listed. The roadmap indicates x-change listing on the first quarter of January 2022.


The MDT tokens I purchased is in the platform wallet. Why can’t I move it in my personal Trust Wallet?

17.1 This is always the practice of most ICO to keep the purchase token / coins in the platform wallet until X-change listing.


If it is stored in the platform wallet, is it secured? Will MDT take responsibility if the tokens are stolen while in the platform wallet during ICO?

18.1 MDT platform is created using industry standard features which actually includes security.

18.2 We are also looking forward to the day of the x-change listing so it can already be moved to your individual wallets.


At which X-changes MDT token will be traded?

19.1 We plan to have it traded in bithumb, bittrex, HitBTC, CONSBIT and etc.


The X-changes where MDT will be traded are Decentralized or Centralized?

20.1 Centralized exchanges.


How do I make money when I buy your MDT token?

21.1 In our white paper the MDT investment opportunities are defined in detail.

21.2 In a nutshell investing in the market is defined by four aspects.

21.2.1 Entry – Value of MDT token when you buy it and toke possession.

21.2.2 Market Value – Current Market value of the MDT token.

21.2.3 Exit – Value of the MDT when you sold it to the market.

21.2.4 Gain – The difference in market value (SELL PRICE – BUY PRICE)


Do you have a referral reward system when I introduced a friend and he / she signed up into the platform?

22.1 Yes, when you pass your referral link to a friend and he/she used that link to sign-up. Your friend is automatically tied to you.

22.2 When that referred friend decides to purchase MDT token from the platform the system automatically rewards you with MDT tokens 5%, 3% & 2% respectively depending on which tier is the referral.

22.3 Nope, you don’t have to buy or pay to sign-up.

22.4 Nope, you don’t need to purchase a token to earn referral reward token.


How do I buy your token at this stage when you are not yet in the trading X-change?

23.1 You go to this URL https://www.moderntoken.io or https://www.moderndevelopmenttoken.com and click sign-up.

23.2 Have your email verified and submit to basic KYC requirements.

23.3 MDT Admin will review and approve your KYC submission within 60 minutes and you are good to go.


What currency are you accepting to buy MDT token?

24.1 We accept BNB, BTC, ETH, TRX and more.

24.2 Due to client demand we now accept FIAT currency. Payment by funds transfer or bank deposit to the account shown in the dashboard.


MDT Token already has a case study project in the pipeline upon pre-sale?

25.1 Yes, we have a tangible case study project in the pipeline. Details are in the white paper.

25.2 This only shows our MDT community members that MDT is not just another shit token.


How do I verify that MDT Token is already in the Binance BEP-20 block chain?


How to BUY MDT Token from MDT Platform?

27.1 Please refer to the instructional video https://fb.watch/v/77c_3Hk2-/


I only have USD 10.00 can I invest in MDT platform and get a decent return of my USD 10.00 investment?

28.1 Yes. MDT is created to be an inclusive platform that even micro investments are welcome and we equally give the same return for USD 10.00 or USD 10,000.00 investment.

28.2 You cannot do the same in a centralized system like the BANK. https://fb.watch/6MJkD200Uk/


Why MDT platform is able to give better return of investment better than a BANK?

29.1 MDT platform is decentralized which means, it is cheaper to operate and also eliminates the middle man. Therefore all the savings from operation and middle man commissions are passed to its investors.